Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Motivation

last year's tree
We had a great weekend, we took a day trip coming up next and this week a certain little boy turns 4.

This week I'm starting my Christmas baking with the kids. Today I'm making Fruit Cake, it's a secret family recipe (obviously I won't be sharing it). This is an annual tradition that I'll be starting. I don't think anyone has made this recipe in years, at least since my Nana was sick. I bringing it back in full swing. I'm waiting for a few hard-to-find ingredients to be delivered.

I'm also baking sugar cookies, using Martha Stewart's recipe. The kids and I will decorate later this week or next week. Then we will watch elf and run around yelling "We're full of sugar!"

I'm bring back the Christmas Crack too. You should probably make it too.

We also need to get and decorate a tree.

What are your favorite holiday recipes?

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