Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Getting back to normal

I've been home for a week, our guests left this morning and the water is gone from the yard. There is still a bit of the lake in the field but that's in the ghost river. I'm not worrying about it. We're starting to get back to normal after the week that would cause some to throw a toaster in the bath tub. We're all still sick, various antibiotics are running their course but it's exhausting.
I accomplished nothing in the last two weeks, I had big plans but then life happened. No painting, no finishing the garden. It was underwater after all. Our hose exploded - trying to find a 100 plus hose in November isn't working, Amazon to the rescue.

I haven't been keeping good of track of the egg count for the past two months, we've decided not to force light into the coop to keep up the girls laying and most are having a hard molt. I think we're lucky if we're getting 5 eggs a day, thats down from almost a dozen. The costs have been about the same 2 bags of feed and shavings a month.

The other day, in an attempt to return to the normal routine of things, I emptied the fridge and made turkey soup. It took all day but it was delicious. And bread, I made bread. That's obviously all gone now. I could bake bread all day, everyday, and eat it all resulting in me weighing 7000 lbs.

This week I'm working on a mountain of laundry, dirty house and deck that looks like a hoarder lives here. And it's raining. Hopefully the rain will wash away some of the 4 foot high water line, but I'm not counting on it. Or counting on it not coming back.

This week at A.'s school, they're having a mitten tree. There is a tree in the class room and I assume they kids are going to fill it with mittens that will be donated to kids without. I would have loved to have knit a pair or seven but realistically I won't get them done in time. So again, Amazon to the rescue.

So that's most of what's going on around here.

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