Friday, June 26, 2015

Photo Friday

juvenile and adult

Every time our field is cut, the eagles come out for an easy meal of (I assume) field mice. Next time I will be prepared, this is the best shot (zoom in) of a pair. There is a nest at the end of my property that has at least a nesting pair and I'm guessing this juvenile.

This weekend is going to be hot! The long range forecast is hot. The coolest will be in the mid 80s. We have no A/C, there will be lots of playing in the hose and in the dark. The kids don't seem to mind, I don't do too well with dehydration.

This weekend I don't think we have any projects planned! My hands are getting itchy to do some painting though. I'm dying to paint Nature Baby's room but that requires an extra set of hands to watch the kids. We have a weird hall/closet area that needs a freshing but

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