Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday motivation

monday motivation

I can't believe its independence day this weekend! My favorite! We're going to have some early fire works, a cook out, root beer floats and popsciles. Sounds good to me! It's only going to be 88 degrees...

It was been hot all week with no end or rain in sight. I have no motivation to get anything done this week. I have phone calls to make, things to mail, nothing I feel like doing. We're getting close to our first anniversary on the farm, that means it's time to review and reasses our needs, policies, goals and future plans. Being a grown up isn't all the fun sometimes.

I did a grand total of zero rows of knitting this week. And will probably get a total of zero done this week. Oh well. It can be a write off and thats ok!

What are you plans for the long weekend?

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