Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 goals

frosty dandelion

Can you believe it's 2016, I certainly can't! 2015 was a big year for us with really great highs and really low lows.

This year I've got goals!

  • Paint every ceiling and the 3 bedrooms
  • Build a fence, even if it's just cattle panels.
  • Improve the garden (more on that coming up later)
  • New play set for the kids, the death trap has got to go!
  • Upgrade a few things in the house the dishwasher, get a few bookcases, figure out a better toy stage system, some new light fixtures for above the table and the bed rooms. 
  • Stop looking like a hobo all the time. I should to start getting my hair done regularly (once a year doesn't cut it and that'll give me some knitting time), get some new jeans. Mine are bad! And just take a little bit of time for myself, I'd like to not be so tired all the time
  • I'd like to knit something nice for myself, it'd been a long time since I made anything for me. I have a ton of this I'd like to make but always end up starting a project for someone else. 

I think my goals are reasonable and all very do-able. I'm keeping it simple for 2016.
What are you working towards this year?


  1. Your goals sound extremely balanced, Katrina! I'm particularly interested in your personal goals. You've got a young family and had a hectic few months, you need to protect your own well-being as much as you would your family members. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but it's very easy to get side-tracked from your own needs until they build up and its a big mess.
    The last couple of years I kind of let my personal care go down the tubes. I had worse than usual insomnia, would forget to eat, and felt so tired and down that I rarely went on walks or runs, something that always helped me manage stress. I have older children, but I also had grandparents at a very needy phase of life. So I compromised my own needs and desires rather than theirs. I think the stress, plus a hormone treatment to manage headaches and fatigue, caused me to gain a good bit of weight. So on top of being exhausted, I had bad acne and my clothes were very uncomfortable on me. It was not a fun time. I didn't even feel up to finding clothes that fit. It sounds silly, but I let myself get that worn down. I'm not really sure how I could've changed it since a lot of the depression and fatigue was due to mistreatment from relatives, I think, and that is hard to navigate in crisis situations.
    Anyway, I decided to tackle one thing at a time- first, my sleep. I try to get 9 hours even if it means sleeping again after my son goes to school. I have been forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day in real portion sizes because I know I need it, even if I feel too tired to bother. I've also designated some days lazy days where I have no expectations of myself to try and calm the high emotional stress placed on me. I feel slightly guilty about those days, but I also know that it takes 6 months to a year of calm living to undo extreme stress damage to your hormones, so I have to start somewhere. I'm taking lots of vitamins, trying to get sunlight (I'm sure you have no problems with that) and we went shopping for some basic clothing that I can wear right now. I was hesitant to spend money on clothing because the weight gain rapidly followed the hormone treatment and I thought that if it went away I would have wasted my money. But, I decided feeling decent in public is more important than saving a few bucks, ha! All in all, it took several months to realize I needed these things and to get them started, but I am feeling mentally clearer and more prepared for each day than I have in a few years, so it was the right move.
    I know your situation is nothing so dire, but still- knitting things just for your personal enjoyment, getting a few new wardrobe basics and regular haircuts is good for you and so good for your family in the long run. I hope this is a fantastic year for you and your crew!
    Now, i'm wondering what you're going to do with your garden. I'm thinking I may feel up to planting one this spring, but will probably just do easy growing flowers and herbs- low stress is my mantra :)

    1. You're attempt at 9 hours a night sounds like a dream! During the summer especially I'm lucky if I get 6, while I need 8-9 to feel like a person. Too much to do is what I tell myself! In the last year I've definitely noticed taking care of myself has become my last priority, I'm starting to feel like I'm 80 instead of 30!

      Last year, the garden quickly got away from me (it's 60'x40'), this year we have a new plan for irrigation, weed control, and pest control and new plants to attempt. I have a pop-up green house that is going out as soon as flood season is over (February - March but we'll see what el nino brings, I'm told more flooding), my compost that didn't get washed away is ready to go and I'm drafting up my planting plans. I'm going to attempt to grow enough to last through the winter. We'll see what actually happens though.
      I'm sure you can grow a ton in your warm Texas climate! They say gardening adds years to your life, I definitely enjoy the mornings when I come in at 6:30 covered in dirt. Yes, I said I come in at 6:30 am after being in the garden for an hour or 2. You can live vicarious through my gardening and I'll do the same with your prolific knitting!

  2. Yikes! 4:30 am in the garden sounds intense. My garden would never feed us for real. We have a very hot, dry climate and even good local gardeners often have "off" years where things don't do well. I'm not going to be able to invest the time it takes to care for veggies this year, so I'm going to try for flowers, herbs, and other things I might could dye yarn with. (My garden is small and more decorative than functional :/)
    Though my knitting time sounds extravagant, I'll be honest: my kids are older and I rarely have any conversation most days. I find that when I go to Bible study, I get a sore threat from talking just a little because I spend so much time die t, and alone. Time alone can = loneliness some days. Also, my health isn't so great from the past years of stress so I have less oomph to do things. My hope is that this year I start changing that, slowly getting outside more and maybe meeting people. I also think my grandmother is lonely now that my grandfather has passed so I plan to do more things just she and I. Four years ago I was a flurry of activity. My lack of it makes me sad, but I've got to let my crazy hormones heal. Your busy farm and family life is taxing, but it does sound wonderful!