Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another flood

washington flood season

I was working on a post about planning the garden and how flood season is over, and of course, up pops a flood watch, then a warning. Great. Don't worry, that garden post is still coming, just not today. Today has been spent doing flood preparations.

High waters mossy trees

My morning consisted of taking Mr. Man to school, then taking Nature Baby outside to help me clean up for our impending doom the potential flood. Scribs has the truck pulled apart again and there was dirty, greasy parts and tools all over the barn floor. I had left a few shovels and rakes in the garden, along with the wheel barrow. I pulled up the tarps that was covering sections of the garden. Everything in the barn is off the floor. The chickens are fed and watered and we are as ready as we are going to be.

Projected levels
The orange is minor flood, red is moderate and purple is sever.

The projected level is only a few inches higher than the first flood in November. That gives me an idea what to expect. It stopped raining this morning, also a good thing. started raining again. The ground wasn't over saturated when we went out there.

washington flood

flood waters
Here it comes

We have another hour or so until the river crests and about 9 or 10 hours until it drops below flood stage. It's light out, I'm not overly worried. Once it gets dark it might be another story.

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