Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nature baby's room redo

Nature baby's room is ugly. U-g-l-y. I ain't got no alibi it's ugly. So ugly and dark! See!


I've been wanting and trying to paint her room for a while.  I was hoping to get it done while MIL was here but that was a cluster, to say the least. It's tough to paint a kid's room if you have to do it while they're awake and someone else is here.

before and after

Much like the room re-dos from last year, I'm not going to spend a ton of money. The dresser I bought on Craigslist last year for $80 (including the huge mirror that is in my living room) and painted. I would like to change the hardware. I'm waiting to find a bookcase and side table on Craigslist, because I'm cheap and with some patience Craigslist is AWESOME! I spent $30 or so on the thermal curtains in the fall and I'm going to replace the light fixtures and smoke detectors in both kid's rooms. The lights only have 1 bulb and are not bright, even with LEDs. Ideally, I'd like an enclosed ceiling fan with a light, but they're expensive! $500 and up! I can buy a portable air conditioner for $500, so that just seems silly. We'll see. Everything else we already have. I'd like to add a few shelves for breakables, frames and a lamp that need re-wiring from my Nana.

bedroom redo

The ceiling has to be white. Every room in the house has the ceiling and walls painted the same color. I'm not sure what the thought process was behind that one, but it's not good. I could (very easily) go on a giant rant about it, but I will not. Remember my living room? Geez Louise! Here's the Before and After in case you're curious.

phone jack

Good bye phone jack and messy lines.

painted hinges

Why, why why? Why do people paint hinges and hardware?

dripping paint

I see you paint blob, and I will sand you! Up next, paint samples and choosing the colors!


  1. Ugh! Dark rooms are the bane of my existence! I can feel my mood darkening as I enter them. My son's room gets the best light in our house. That's so going to be my crafting room one day! I agree that light colors like a milky white in an eggshell or semi-glossy paint make a world iof difference. I still haven't posted anything on my kitchen, because we still have to make our cheap, DIY version of a Schoolhouse Electric light. But it was a freaking cave before we changed the walls from light yellow to ultra white and painted the cabinets white to match. I was amazed at the difference, even without the proper wattage, it's so much brighter. Of course the pretty white walls made the yellowed white of the ceiling look nasty, so we painted it too. I'd like to try those light bulbs that mimic natural light in our living room, too.
    Anyway, your plans sound great! I have used craigslist for bikes, but I've also found furniture on the side of the road or at resale shops. Good luck on your refurbishing!

  2. We have dark oak cabinets and floors, and a weird buttery-yellow paint in our kitchen and of course the ceiling is painted the same yellow (ugh!) I'm dying to paint the kitchen but I know that's way too much of a project for me right now, I think it would take me about 3 months just to get the cabinets done.
    The best part about painting the kid's rooms is they are small enough to finish in a day!