Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's fence day!

it's fence day scribs farm

I am way more excited than I should be! After hours of clearing out our neighbors over grown trees (which look way better now if you're asking me) it's finally fence day!  We cut, chopped and dug up literally truck loads of branches. I started last fall (as you can see from the photo above) but had to quit during the winter, I had a big pile to haul but the truck wasn't running. Then the floods and wind storms put it under water or branches all over the yard.

fence day scribs farm

The only before photo I could find was from our first winter here. So there it is, not terrible, until you realize the property line in 6 feet deep. The kids loved climbing branch mountain, pretending it was a castle, mountain, bean stock or whatever Other thing popped into their heads. They climbed the lower newly-cut branches and sat on some pretending it was a back hoe. Those two! I tell ya!

its fence day scribsfarm

Getting cattle panels home is kind of a pain! Good thing it isn't far. Why cattle panels? We have A LOT of fence to put up. We aren't doing it all this weekend but we are planing on putting up about 180 feet of fence on one side of the yard. That's a lot of fence! One day we'll upgrade but for now this will do, and by now I mean several years.

its fence day scribs farm

 We did about 140ft today, the rest we have to mark out and trim the crazy grass heading into the field. We'll work on it this week and hopefully be ready for a bit more work by next weekend. We'll see how it goes though.

it's fence day scribs farm

It isn't the most beautiful fence in the world, but it does it's job. I'm really happy with it. Good job, Scribs!

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