Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cost per dozen eggs for March

March 2016

March was a doozy, let me tell you. That wind storm threw our regular cost per dozen out the window. I had to buy fencing to make a temporary pen for the chickens in the barn, bedding, waterer, and a snack to keep the girls busy. Other then that and replacing the damaged bits, getting some shavings and feed, thats a high cost.

It was a good laying month, but also a lot of unexpected expenses, 3 times that of a normal month.We had a few wonky eggs, everything seems to have corrected itself. I'm not concerned about it.

The girls laid 237 eggs, 19.75 dozen.
My cost was $101.01 and sold $27, making my cost per dozen $3.75 not terrible but not great either.

In other chicken news, we have a new Rooster. Mr. Lovebug has named him Truckee. Our Faux-Roo wasn't doing too well and we decided that it would be best for him to put him out of his misery. There will be a whole lot more on that another day.

March 2016

So back to Truckee. I met a woman buying chicks (she was, not me) and we got to chit-chatting, she had mentioned that she had a few too many roos. I offered to buy one after telling her about our flock, the space they have, blah blah blah. She wanted to make sure he wasn't going to the soup pot. I was supposed to go and get him the day or the wind storm, well obviously that wasn't going to happen. After calling and calling I couldn't get a hold of her (her power had been knocked out). I felt terrible for not going to get him when I said I would and couldn't get a hold of a her. Luckily enough I saw her again and made arrangements to go pick him up.

Going to get him, oh boy that was an adventure. First, the GPS took me all over as always. You'd think I would have learned by now not to trust it. Nope! Then we took some back roads that were filled with farm construction. Nope, back to the highway. Finally we get halfway up the mountain and I can't find the place. Adventure indeed. We go there, the kids mostly had a good time. If you've never driven with a crowing rooster in the back of your car....

March 2016

So that's the story of Truckee. He has earned his keep so far. We had an eagle attack, everyone survived no worse for wear. Feathers everywhere but no missing or hurt chickens. The girls come when he calls (mostly growls). No attacking or even following the kids. He's a good boy. We're very grateful that he's joined our flock.

Raising Chickens

Thats a bit more than just a cost per dozen update, but that's what has been going on with the chickens.
Broody Buff Orpington

Oh yeah, our Buff Orpington, Crazy-Legs is broody. She's trying to sit on eggs but keeps cracking them. Great maternal skills. Broody is when a hen wants to sit on eggs and hatch 'em. They'll sit there all day and night, pull out their feathers so the egg is against their skin and they get crazy. I've heard to described as PMS and Menopause all in one. They will sit even with nothing under them, yell and growl when disturbed or even peck and bite. They neglect their own nutritional needs for phantom eggs. I'm working on breaking her of this.

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