Monday, April 4, 2016

Goings on around here.

Spring on the farm

This past week spring has hit us! It's warm and I have a long to-do list. There's nothing like the first few days of 60 degrees to get the motivation going. This week I planted a tree, put up a string fence between us and the neighbors, mowed the lawn and went through the kids toys and prepared a box for donations. I've also drained and cleaned the hot tub it was so gross after the last windstorm ripped the cover off.

Scribs did some (or a lot) of chain-sawing and we've been hauling away the branches. It would appear as though the neighbors trees hadn't been trim in about 40 years, and as things go, their trees took over a part of our yard, that part being about 10 feet long by (in some spots) 6 feet deep or more.

Last year we had a survey done, we should have had to done before we bought the house, oh well lesson learned. We have marker stakes all over but this year we're going to put up a fence. I don't want our animals and the kids going all over. Good fences make good neighbors, no?

chicken fence rodent fence

I planted an apple tree, a 5 variety apple tree to be exact. Why, I don't know. We want to plant lots of fruit trees (trees in general) and have to space for a lot. I'm not sure why I didn't just get 2 (or more) of 1 variety. I think they're cool. I want a fruit salad tree too. The tree is mulched, and double fenced. The large, green fence is for keeping the chickens out and the second is buried to help keep rodents out.

We have a lot of rhododendrons that we'd like to dig up. I mean about a dozen, Some we'd like to replace with a boxwood hedge but maybe not till next year. We've have started to clear the garden and need to get it tilled.

Spring on the farm

I do need to do a deep clean of the coop too, I haven't had a chance to scrub it since the wind storm. That'll take an afternoon or more.

What's going on around your place? I'm always curious!

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