Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday Denali sweater

I just started working on a new project for Scribs, well I'm a few weeks in. I've made him a hat or two in the past but now I'm busting out the big guns. I'm working on a Denali sweater by Brooklyn Tweed. I love giant fisherman sweaters. Love, like to an unhealthy degree. And don't get me started on cowichan-inspired! Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Denali. Is it just me, or is there a (maybe not so surprising) lack of modern, decent looking men's sweater patterns? A lot that I found would be the equivalent  to women's sweaters from 1986 with giant shoulder pads and terribly ill fitting. And then I stumbled upon Brooklyn Tweed and their BT Men 2 section (and the first). I could make everything (not just in the men's section). Their sweater patterns are simple, interesting visually, not enormously bulky and wearable. I could go on and on but I will not.

And on to the deets. I'm making the second smallest size, using size 6 circular needles. I don't think I'll ever use my straight needles again, interchangeables are just so much easier. I'm using knit picks wool of the Andes in gosling. I really wasn't happy with the color when it first arrived but once I took it outside and saw it in natural light things started looking up. Now that I'm a few skeins in, I'm really happy with how it's shaping up. The pattern only calls for two stitch markers but I put one at every pattern change, otherwise I know I'll mess it up. I do all my knitting after the kids are in bed and I've been up for 15+ hours, some times paying attention is too hard for my sleepy-brain.

Here's the progress thus far.

Brooklyn Tweed

I have a feeling there will be a few More WIP Wednesdays feature this cabled sweater. I have a few inches left until starting the arm holes, maybe just maybe I'll get it finished this winter.

Denali Cables

I've sustained my first knitting injury. I know, I know, knitting injury, really? Think about it, the same hand motions over and over litterally hundreds of times in one sitting. My middle digit is paying the price. My middle knuckle to back to the middle of my hand is screaming for immobility. I don't know if you've tried not moving your middle finger on your dominant hand, it isn't easy. Especially with little kids around. A few days of stretches, heat and not knitting and things seem to be slowly feeling better. Something almost-miraculous happened Monday evening, my knuckles finally cracked. And cracked some more. It's still a bit sore moving side to side but at least now a lot of the pressure has popped away. Sweet relief.

Yes, I googled finger stretches and have been doing them constantly. If I didn't feel like I'm 100 year old before, I certainly do now... knitting injury. I'm shaking my head at myself in disgust.

I've got some serious knitting mojo going on, all I want to do is knit and do it all day. But I have grown-up things that needs to happen, like clean my house and feed my family, you know grown up stuff.

This is not a sponsored post, I just REALLY love Brooklyn Tweed. If they'd like to send me some yarn or something, that'd be pretty awesome.

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  1. I've never used gosling, but it's just gorgeous for this sweater. It's a buttery smooth color- if that makes sense. I'm so in love with this design. Can't wait to see your FO photos.
    I've found that if I switch to continental, from English style knitting, when my hand hurts, it works different parts of my hands and gives the sore joints a break. But it's slower because I have to pay attention to my gauge. There's also "flicking" which seems to help and those wrist support gloves lots of knitters wear. I can't believe I haven't had more issues than this with my wrists, but I have a feeling you use your hands/ wrists a lot in your everyday life and so you're wise to stretch and be careful. Pain aside, your sweater is awesome!