Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pickles fail.

So, this is what happened. A handful of my jars of pickles went a bit wonky. I'm certain it was all from the same batch.
Milky Brine

Obviously something was off, the jars either didn't seal properly, weren't heated thoroughly, the ph was off or they came unsealed. Either way the bottoms of the jar turned milky, the lids popped up, as soon as the rings were loosened the tops popped open and fizzed. All roads point to fermented. It happens. Toss them and try again next year.
Fermented in jars the wrong way

milky pickling liquid
I'm constantly checking for sunken tops, turning them over and checking the brine. If there is ever a doubt about something, just throw it away. There is all kinds of yuck that can grow in those sealed jars. Don't open them and give em a taste to see if they're off. Just say no! Milky Brine, popped up lids, wonky color. Toss em!

Jars unseal when rings are loosened

 You can see the tiny bubbles in the top photo and the larger ones on the bottom. This is not was is supposed to happen! Sure, it sucks and is a waste but it's better than poisoning yourself.

fizz upon opening

Next year I'll be a bit more careful, making sure to wipe every top and check the rings sooner. Lesson learned.

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