Monday, October 19, 2015

For my little Nature Baby on your second birthday!

t is for tractor

I can't believe you are 2 already! How did that happen? My tiny little 5 pound munchkin isn't so tiny anymore, we've reached big girl status. The sleepless nights have passed, the diapers almost gone. The first year was hard and I definitely don't know how we made it through, but we did and here you are thriving.

crash hard
who doesn't nap in a carry on bag?

You have the spirit of adventure in you. I'm so proud of your fearless nature. You've been stubborn from the very beginning (sideways in utero, head over by my hip and bum sticking out like a pyramid, very uncomfortable and some days just plain painful). The jokes started early with you, turning head down right when the doctor went in to get you.

new born clothes
2 months, wearing new born clothes that were too big
I'm so proud to be your mom, my little funny-face making, bug playing with, tutu-wearing dance machine. You get right in there with your brother being rough-and-tumble. There is no stopping you! Nothing phases you, bee sting no big deal, chickens peck and bite you, you keep trying to feed and pet them. You're kind, tender heart encourages me to be better than yesterday.

3 months
3 months

In your little life so far you have moved twice, been to 5 states, walked early, have 10 teeth, love all things alive, can almost dress yourself, love to read and draw. You are still a little-bitty thing, wearing mostly 12 month pants and 18 month tops but you act like you're 10 feet tall. You do a ton of gross stuff that I will remind you of later in life, just wait!


I hope this year brings many new experiences (including snow), I look forward to the person you are and will become. Anything you want in this life is yours if you are willing to work, and fight for it. My heart is full because you're in my life. You are a blessing and it is my honor to help guide you through life.

loves books

Happy Birthday Nature Baby!

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