Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015 goal A cleaner house (a little late!)

Time for a new calendar! Do people still have calendars on their walls with appointments and birthdays written on them? Or is it just me? Technology is great but I prefer being able to flip through and see whats coming up instead of scrolling and clicking. Anywhoo, thats not what I came to write about.

Let's be honest. My house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be. I don't think it ever will be and thats mostly ok. Mostly. I already have a system for cleaning but unless its clean the kitchen day the counters end up our dumping ground for everything. Mail, keys, Someone likes to leave their hats, gloves, phones, etc on the counter. Like I said it's a dumping ground.

The kitchen drives me nuts more than anything else. My goal for January was to deep clean that sucker and keep it clean. Organize the crap thats there and get someone to stop dumping everything on the counter and put their diet coke cans in the recycling!

Here's the messy truth!

In order to get this mess clean this is what I did. We started slow, weeks 1 and 2 we focuded on cleaning the counters and table before bed. Easy enough. Weeks 3 and 4 we made sure all the dishes were done and the floor was swept along with clean counters and table. It was pretty doable. I'll admit there was a few nights where I left dishes soaking in the sink. I did them first thing in the morning but thats not quite the same.

As for my deep cleaning goal, I took everything out of each cabinet, went through each item (toss, donate, keep), cleaned inside and out, moved shelves that needed moving and hopefully everything will stay mostly clean. Sorry Scribs, the rice cooker we haven't used in 4 years is getting donated! Aside from orangizing the kitchen needed a good washing. The ceiling, walls, baseboards, floor, outlets and light switches, trash can. Every surface is now clean! All the appliances needed a good scrubbing too! I hate cleaning ovens and mine was BAD! I didn't clean it when we moved in and oh boy, that was a project! It took 3 days! Here's the after, still not spotless but at least there is less crap everywhere! Oh yeah and I no longer have a red dining room (still not done painting the windows, ugh!).

February will be another room until this house is clean but with two kids under 4, a dog and a husband who knows how long it will last! I think the bathroom will be next, we have tons of junk in there that nobody uses or needs. I can't believe it's almost February already!

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