Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 goal Finish under the sea blanket

This blanket  I started a million years ago in September 2013. That doesn't seem right, maybe it is? anyways! I put this down when we moved and just picked it up again last night. I pulled it out and certain 3 year old said "WHOA! That's cool! Is it for me?"
"Yes dear."
"THATS AWESOME! Will it be done by morning time?"
"No Bud, it won't be finished for a long time!"
That's encouraging!
I have finished 3 of the 8 stripe repeats, it seems never ending! Maybe I'll be able to finish this year!

I thought the charts were going to be too small for me to read while working, but the repeats are so simple that I only look at it to see which rows are the color switches. I use a row counter but this could easily be done by counting stitches. Easily.
I bought this as a kit when I first saw it in the knitpicks catalogue. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days! I ordered it and couldn't wait for it to be delivered. I'm using size 8 (5mm) interchangeable needles with a 60" cable and the Brava Worsted provided in the kit and I will say I'm impressed! I thought I hated acrylic yarn but this Brava is so soft! Very smooth on the needles and nice in the hands.

My advice for this pattern is definitely weave your ends as you go! I couldn't imagine weaving all the ends after casting off.

Everyday that 3 year old asks me if it's finished yet! Thats motivation enough to keep working.

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