Friday, May 20, 2016

FO construction truck sweater

I finally finished the sweater for Mr. Lovebug. We'll thats not true, I finished it some time ago but it was warm and then I couldn't get a picture of him wearing it. It's not easy to get a 4 year old to stand still for pictures. Oh well what can you do.

I'm about 75% happy with it. We'll see how it fits him in the fall, I have a feeling I'll end up taking out the collar and re-doing it. It's wonky and ill-fitting. We'll see how much the kid grows in the next few months, I followed the directions except making the sleeve flat for some stupid reason, I probably should have followed my gut instead but what can you do.

I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Gosling and size 5 needles. Or knee-nulls as Nature Baby says.I made the largest size and purposely made it a bit bigger, you know kids grow no matter how hard you try to get 'em to stop.

I'm really happy how the vehicles turned out and I'll probably use the charts again.

I really haven't been knitting much since finishing this guy. My hands are sore, my middle fingers especially are sore and stiff. It feels like I need to crack the knuckles, but I crack (or don't) and stretch and there isn't any relief. Not using my hands this time of year isn't an option, so I do what needs to be done and knitting falls by the way-side. I have two WIPs with no end in sight. Tough life, I know!

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