Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nothing last forever, even cold November rain.

The sun has come up, the water has begun receding and soon we can begin the clean up. There is still a few feet of water in the yard, but the grass is becoming visible in spots, most of the water has drained from the barn. It has since started raining again. We're expecting around half an inch. My neighbor just let me know that the foldaway is already over flowing. It's going to be a long night. Again. I had 3 hours of sleep last night.

Here's what we're dealing with less than 24 hours later.
November flood
The view from out neighbor's driveway

grass covered in mud
Everything is covered in grey-brown dirt, beetles included.

right in the center is water spewing from the ground.

after a flood
The water was up to the top of the second tread.

water line
This debris is mulch washed in from the berry fields. It is everywhere.

receding waters
A lot of the water has receded but there is still a lot left.

flood dirt
I have no idea how this flower isn't grey. It is surprisingly inspiring. 

sandbox washed away
The kid's sandbox washed across the yard, cover and brick along with it. 

flood water
There is tiny bubbles all over.

I assume the helicopter is checking extent of the flood.

flood waters
what's left behind as the water recedes. 

flood water dirt
worm tracks

nooksack flood
there's my garden and my brussel sprouts I was planing on having for thanksgiving.

nooksack flood
water lines in the barn
water lines from flooding
water lines in the barn
nooksack flood
water line on the house and left over flood water.

We have another flood watch until Wednesday. I'm hoping most of the water is gone tomorrow. We also have a lot of cleaning to do but that isn't going to happen until the flood watch is over. I was pretty calm yesterday, now I'm getting pretty anxious. I haven't decided yet if I need to start moving furniture to the upstairs yet. I am going to get all the laundry done before Wednesday.

Here's the aftermath from last year's flood.

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