Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cold November rain

So. This is happening.

A mere few hours ago there was nothing, barely even wet ground. We've moved everything that we could and now we wait. The river crested hours before we were wet.

This was our barn tonight. I went to bed a few hours ago and was woken up to check on the barn. when we first went out, the water was mid-calf, no where near the top of my boots, probably around 11:30 and now at 1:30 am its over the top of my boots. The river crested and, according to maps is dropping quickly. I thought I could see the floating debris heading back out towards the river, which is a good sign, that might have been from our walking though.
Yes, I know it's terrible idea to walk in flood waters but we had a few things that we weren't prepared to have soaked, like the car.
While I'm pretty anxious about it, I'm surprisingly calm. I expected to be freaking out and maybe even crying but as long as it doesn't get in the house, I'll be fine. We'd need anything 4ish feet of water for that to happen. It is supposed to rain all weekend though, we'll see.
I will take real pictures in the morning of whats left, we're already preparing for the clean up and preparing for next time.
I'll be staying up at least until the bottom step to my porch are visible again.

I apologize if this is riddled with typos, I'm sick and a wee bit distracted. 

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