Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday motivation

Monday Motivation

It's raining! Glorious rain! We had a few light drizzles yesterday, not even enought for puddles to form. Today on the other hand I can't hear cars splashing on the road. There is puddles in the driveway! The grass is doing a happy dance! It's amazing how just a tiny bit of rain can perk everything up much better than a hose or sprinkler. I'm enjoying every second of it. This is the first measurable rain since May. May! That's way too long!

This weekend has been zucchini fest! We have about 2 dozen both picked and ready to be picked. We had grilled, fries, chocolate zucchini bread. Today I'm going to shred and freeze some and maybeake some muffins. Scribs took some to work and I'll be heading over to the neighbors to share.

The berry field next door is in full harvest mode. I had no idea it was such a slow process with a machine (tractor? I'm not sure what it's called.) We were watching and the machine is pretty cool. If you've never seen one, it's really high (almost as high as a single story house) has spinning things that go on either side of the bush (they look like big turnstiles) and it goes maybe 2 miles an hour. The have gone over the same rows several times. The things I'm learning!

This week hopefully I can tackle mountain of zucchinis, get some chicken photos. I have an update ready just lacking photos, give the dog a bath (she is a stinky beast!) and maybe, just maybe get a good vacuuming in. I need to move everything in the play room and really get in there.

What are your goals this week?

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