Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday motivation

monday motivation

How was your weekend? It was hot! We were in the high 90s with no wind in the afternoons and lots of smoke from the wild fires. A few days ago it was just hazy, now it smells of smoke and looks like fog. I hope that all the hardworking fire fighters are safe and can get these blazes under control. The photo is of sunrise this morning, no edits just cropped. Doesn't it look like a foreign planet?
Our long weekend was pretty good. The kids played outside, we grilled, there was fireworks until around midnight. I got over my fear of grilling. I always feel like I have no control and everything turns out charred. Not this time! I grilled all weekend and didn't burn anything. Pat on the back for me!

This week won't be too warm, only mid-high 80s. We ordered an air conditioner for the kids, paid for 1 day shipping, obviously that didn't happen. It'll be here today. It'll be here tomorrow. Our upstairs was unbearably hot, almost 100 degrees at bed time. No wonder the kids are so grouchy! I'll get that ready to go when it gets here this afternoon tomorrow. I also have a little project in the laundry room I've started and will share when I'm finished.

What are you working on this week?

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