Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 was indeed the year of the Scribs!

Just about a year ago, Scribs and I sat down with our blank white board and decided to make 2014 the year of the Scribs. We wrote out our goals for the year, that included move to a new state (check), buy a house (check), make 52 new recipes (check), read 6 books (I think I read 12, I'm not sure) and knit a stocking for each of us (mostly done). Well our goal was to move to a better place, donezo! I also wanted to run 100 miles, but quit shortly after we moved. I was on track but lost my motivation when we got here. Maybe it was the cold or because I'd rather spend the time exploring with my family. 

We were very mindful of our goals throughout the year. Every time a job opening was posted Scribs and I looked into the area, checked available housing, schools, crime etc before he even put in for it. He put in for a few transfers all of which we would have taken, unlike previous years where he'd put in for anything and everything. Everything we did, we did to get to our goal for the year. "Do you want to buy a new couch?" "I'm not moving a new couch. We can get one when we move." There were a lot of conversations like that!

Goals that we work constantly work towards are a bit more our style. Putting a new calendar on the wall and saying "This year I'm going to train and run 850 marathons, be the best parent wife, employee etc, save $100 000 and travel the world in a hot air balloon." Doesn't work for me and I don't think it works for most people. Whats the point of setting a goal (that we know we aren't going to complete) and then beating ourselves up for it once we give up 12 days later. Seems silly. 

It's time to put up the new calendar, conscientiously work towards a new set of goals, even if I don't finishing everything within the set time, I'll be well on my way!

Here's a little something pretty to end your year!

Goodbye 2014
See you soon 2015!

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