Saturday, March 12, 2016

High winds indeed.

We have high winds pretty often in the winter. Thursday was by far the worst we've seen. Mr. lovebug woke up because the wind woke him. Alright, it's loud, good reason to get up kid. And he didn't go back to sleep, I can't really blame him. The wind woke me up at 3 and I was up for the day.
Looking out the windows I could see that the swings on the swing set have been straight out, yup thats windy! The cover was blown off the hot tub, the clips are now broken. There wasn't even a point in trying until the winds died down, around dusk.When it hit the ground, the cover made a big dent in the grass.

And the coop was knocked over, the egg door opened and chickens were out in the dark at 5am. Thankfully it happened while I was awake and able run out to catch them. It's not easy catching chickens that are rarely handled, in the dark, in sustained 30mph winds. I went a bought some fencing, made a temporary pen in the barn and caught them all. Set them up in the barn and then we had a neighbor, some co-workers and a tractor lift the coop back up and move it to another spot. Surprisingly, very little damage. The poop-deck basically broke off. The hinges were destroyed, bent in half the wrong way.
The water-er leaked everywhere, mixed with the food and straw and made a giant mess. I will say Scribs built a damn strong coop!

The windows were visibly distorting and flexing with the wind. The car was shaking.

The dog was freaking out, I was pacing like a crazy person for a few hours. If ever there was a time for a profanity laden post this would be it. We has sustained 30+ mph and gusts I'm told up to 85 mph.

You know, now that it is over everything I wrote during the storm seems a bit over dramatic. People are dealing with way worse things and I shouldn't complain. By 4pm I was ready for bed.

And we get to do it all again tomorrow. High winds, again.

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