Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cost per dozen eggs for the month of August

cost dozen eggs raising chickens

Isn't that bowl great? It's my favorite! Possibly my favorite thing from my grandparent's house, other than my Nana's knitting needles.

Our girls started laying at the end of July. August was our first full month of laying eggs. I wasn't really sure how quickly or slowly they'd start producing. We definitely had a few shell-less and soft shelled eggs, I think in totally we ended up throwing away (into the compost) less than a dozen. It think it's safe to say that all the girls are laying, except maybe on of the ducks. We only get 1 duck egg daily. There may be a few nests out there that we haven't discovered yet.

free range nest

I've been eating eggs for lunch almost everyday. So far I'm not sick of them, we'll see what happens. The kids (surprisingly) love hard boiled eggs! They ask for them a few times per week. Sounds good to me, easy lunch! Once a week we have eggs for dinner, I've got to say I'm a big fan of frittatas. I'd never had one until I started making them, who knew they were so easy! I'm going to have a egg recipe round-up in October. Let me tell you, I could eat eggs Benedict every day!

Here's the break down.
234 eggs
19.5 dozen
7.5 eggs per day on average. The most we got in a day was 17 (the day I found a nest) or 11. The least was 3 when the girls were just getting started.

Here's the cost break down for the month

  • $4.20 on shavings, we had some left over from July, I picked up a small packages from Tractor Supply Company that was enough to clean the coop twice.
  • $8.49 for Sweet PDZ this will last us for months. I sprinkle it in and around the coop, it's technically for horses but works quite well to help keep the chicken stink down.
  • $28.90 for 50lbs of our regular feed. That lasts us about a month. We needed to pick up more Saturday but when we lost power everything turned into a cluster! 
  • $6.00 for 10 lbs of feed from TSC I picked up this week. Our feed store is only open Thursday and Saturday. This week we will pick up another 50 lbs and shavings for September.

Total cost: $47.59
Cost per dozen: $2.44 that's cheaper than the grocery store and the eggs haven't been sitting around for 90 days.

free range chickens

I neglected to add the initial cost of getting the girls, the first 4ish months of their care and building the coop, all the start up cost would make a dozen eggs cost around $100 each but that all depends on what kind of coop, where you get the chicks from kind of starter or layer feed and so on. The start up costs are like anything else, it's as much or as little as you make it.

I can't wait to see how many we get in September! What are you favorite egg recipes? I'll try anything and everything!

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